Prince + Pauper brings together different worlds and contrasting elements, celebrating the overlooked and the disregarded.

Ethically produced in Kenya, our design ethos is inspired by the spirit of this environment, where combinations of ‘high’ and ‘low’ materials are underpinned by a no-waste philosophy, and each design is hand made.

Premium-grade leather is paired with recycled materials. Used car tyres are crafted into durable soles, and glass bottles, brass fixtures, aluminium pots and cow horn are transformed into ornate beads.

Ethics + Sustainability

Each pair of Prince + Pauper sandals provides employment for 10 people living in and around Kenya’s Korogocho slum.

Each pair of sandals diverts .5 kilos of waste from landfill, as we incorporate many recycled components into our products and throughout our supply chain.


Manual production methods do not only maximise employment, but also reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to this, water and electricity are used sparingly.

Due to the handmade nature of our sandals, small imperfections occur. These are part of their charm, and ensure the uniqueness of each pair.